RESPAWN 2015 is over!

After two days with great talks, interesting people, Cello Fortress, Marioke, Barbecues - and of course gamescom - we are back in the office and we want to say: Thank you all!


First and foremost we´d like to thank our speakers, who came from Afrika, Austria, Argentina, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Irland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & the USA. We are overwhelmed how you guys and gals made Respawn rock!

Then we are happy to work with such great partners like Nordic Game Conference in Malmö/Sweden, the GIC Game Industry Conference in Poznań/Poland, GMGC in Chengdu/China, Control Conference in Utrecht/Netherlands, the Israel Mobile Summit in Tel Aviv/Israel & our friends at the Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival!


Remember? We had awesome parties and relaxed gatherings as there was the Games Music Live Jam on Sunday, the joint GDC Europe and RESPAWN Party powered by Gree on Monday

Then the RESPAWN BBQ with Cello Fortress and Marioke on Tuesday, the Bavarian Beer Reception by Games/Bavaria, and the Party Warm-Up Cocktail Reception by InnoGames, soon to be followed by dozens of festivities during gamescom.


Another big thank you goes out to our sponsors, foremost to our mainsponsor InnoGames who supported us in so many ways, with speakers, softdrinks, cocktails. Thanks to SoftLayer for bringing an exciting talk. Thanks for filming around at RESPAWN SAE. And thank you to the Games Academy who opened up their Alumni Reception to host you all, to Ludicious for bringing in awesome projects from Switzerland and everything else you did, to Google, to BIU.Dev/BIU.Net, the University of Trier, Games/Bavaria - and next year hopefully you! :)

And there's of course you: Thank you all for joining us, to make RESPAWN a real Gathering of Game Developers where everybody who cares about sustainable game development meets on eye level! Thanks for joining us this year and we hope you all had such a great time like we had! 


See you again in 2016!

Save the date for next year's RESPAWN on August 15 + 16, 2016. See you there or even before at QUO VADIS, April 18 to 20, 2016, as a part of International Gamesweek Berlin!


Your RESPAWN Team 

Stephan Reichart, Tobias Kopka, Lena Alter, Steffen Röling, Christian Herfurth, Adrian Hutz, Andreas Steinicke and Bilgecan Balci.


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