It's getting started.

The final preparations are made. The program is set, badges are ready, goodie bags are packed and the set-up at Dock.One will be finished on Sunday. The shuttles are prepping their engines, the headsets are silently waiting - the only thing that´s missing is you!!

We can’t wait until Monday and are looking forward to an awesome Respawn this year with great partners, speakers, friends - with Marioke, Cello Fortress and the Games Music Live Jam - aside from a packed program schedule! Enjoy your weekend, safe travels and see you at Respawn very soon!!

We are very happy to announce our newest speakers

11 days before Respawn starts we are very happy to announce our newest speakers. Julia Keren-Detar (Untame), Dan Tabar (Data Realms), Dan Olthen (Smartillery), Jeremy Spillmann (Blindflug Studios), Thierry Platon (Gloomywood), Joost van Dongen (Ronimo Games), Carsten Fichtelmann (Daedalic), Mareike Ottrand (Studio Fizbin) and many more will be on stage on the 3rd and 4th of August.

And the full schedule is online now: http://www.respawngathering.com/program/schedule. Take a look and compile your own personal schedule.

Caution: Tickets for Respawn are nearly sold out! Hurry up before the party starts without you! http://respawngathering.com/tickets