Schedule with further Speakers is online

Renowned international speakers await visitors at this year’s Respawn, including Peter Alau (Apportable), Odile Limpach (Ubisoft Blue Byte), Jon Hare (Tower Studios), Teut Weidemann (Freelance Online Game Supervisor), Oscar Clark (Unity) and Martijn Wenting (Bitstorm Games). Find all Speakers, Sessions and our full schedule online here and here.

Highlights of this year’s conference program:
Peter Alau has been a games industry professional for over twenty years. Maxis, EA, Sony and Digital Extremes were some of the stations of his career before he assumed his current business development position at Apportable. Alau’s presentation, “Independent Reality. An honest assessment of the indie development world”, gives an overview of the current market environment for computer and video games and focuses on the opportunities for indie game developers.

Jon Hare has worked in the games industry for 30 years and has built a reputation as an excellent game designer. As a co-founder of Sensible Software, he was deeply involved in the creation of such game classics as “Sensible Soccer” and “Cannon Fodder”. Following tenures at Codemasters and Jagex, Hare’s new company, Tower Studios, specializes in mobile and social games. The studio recently released the title, “Speedball 2 Evolution”. Hare’s subject at Respawn is “Indie past, present and future... A survival guide to keeping the corporates at bay”. In his presentation, Hare will provide best-practice tips for indie developers.

Martijn Wenting has been programming since the age of seven and has more than 20 years of games industry experience under his belt. His indie studio, Bitstorm Games, develops games for PCs, consoles and mobile devices. In “A link to the past – How to benefit from classic game design”, Wenting analyzes game classics in terms of their creative potential and as an inspiration for new game design ideas and approaches.

First Respawn 2014 Speakers Announced!

As you all know from last year Respawn – The Gathering of Game Developers really lives up to its name and so we are very proud to announce the first of over 45 speakers joining us this summer in Cologne.

So look forward to great talks from Jason della Rocca (Execution Labs/former executive director of IGDA), Jon Hare (Tower Studios/Creator of Cannon Fodder and many other classic hits), Odile Limpach (CEO of BlueByte), Falko Löffler (Game Writer), Wolfgang Walk (Game Producer/Grumpy Old Men), Jorgen Tharaldsen (Game Director/Megapop/ former Gamedirector of Funcom (Anarchy Online, Age of Conan)), Christian Kluckner (Managing Director Chimera Entertainment/Angry Birds Epic) and many more to come very soon! Stay tuned and Game On!