This year, RESPAWN will join forces with INDIE PRIZE once again to crown the best game from the Indie Game Expo RESPAWN @ devcom 2017 powered by Amazon Appstore!

RESPAWN 2017: Session Highlights

Game developers, trade visitors and students connect and exchange ideas at RESPAWN @ devcom. The schedule features over 70 talks, panels and workshops - here are some of our favorite sessions as well as details on the Indie Game Expo powered by Amazon Appstore and the Games/Bavaria Beer Reception!


Indie Games, Party & Networking

At the Indie Game Expo RESPAWN @ devcom 2017 powered by Amazon Appstore, 24 playable game projects will be displayed to conference attendees.

On Sunday, the participating dev teams will give a quick overview of all the games within the Indie Game Expo, presenting their games three minute each. Your hosts on stage will be Indie Advisor André Bernhardt and Tobias Kopka (Aruba Events), accompanied by Daniel Mann from Amazon Appstore.  

RESPAWN 2017: Welcome to the Funfair!

Frequent RESPAWN attendees know: Every year, we have a different motto. So after the Middle Ages in 2015 and Tropical Islands in 2016, this year we would like to take you to the Funfair!

These are the Sessions & Speakers of RESPAWN 2017!

It's only a few weeks until RESPAWN@devcom kicks off, and now you can get a first glance at the program of RESPAWN 2017: We are proud to present you over 70 keynotes, talks, panels and workshops held by over 50 renowned members of the international gaming industry.

Call for Papers: Become a Speaker at RESPAWN 2017!

RESPAWN is not only your chance to meet game developers, trade visitors and students, but also to take the stage and share your knowledge. If you like to be part of one of Europe's most exciting events in the gaming industry, keep on reading right here! We are looking for speakers - join RESPAWN now!

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